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About us

POS Record: Is a digital provision of your POS record book. Save your approved records and we'll help you differentiate your main profit from your total transactions after excluding, expenses, staff salary, pos terminal charges, etc. This is a better way to record and audit pos transactions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Please note only you (owner) can see these earnings, staffs can't see your daily earnings.

Please note: Staff cannot modify transactions/expenses for previous days, but can only submit how much cash they have left for previous days.
That is if they initially failed to submit how much cash they had.
Business owners will always be notified each time modification is been done by a staff.

Please note that if you save a record it can be modified, but once you've closed work for the day and you've submit the cash left with you. Modification will then be disabled. Since this is a digital form of your POS record book. Also if you submit your first record for the day then it means you've started work for that day. And at the end of work for the day just click on the close work button.

Once a staff closes work for the day through the app. You will see a detailed breakdown of how the business went for that day.
Your staff should keep to his/her record and we'll take care of the rest.

What to Expect
We'll calculate the inflow & outflow. We'll deduct the charges from the inflow/outflow, we'll deduct the expenses from that day, we'll deduct your staff salary for the day as well. That is if you set it. And depending on the popularity of your POS terminal we'll also deduct the POS company charge accurately from the transaction amounts. And show you your profit for the day.

Save only approved transactions for the day. Record will be stored on our online database for free. And you can always get access to it. The owner and staff of the business can view it at any time through the Record History.

1: No ads
2. Pos charges would be deducted
3. You will get access to latest security tips, and latest scams/fraud affecting pos agents, and beyond as a premium user,
4. You’ll be notified when you staff makes the first transaction for the day.
And when they close from work.
5. You’ll receive a detail analysis of your business sales and profit every week and month.
6. You can have unlimited staffs/branches under your company.
And yet keep track of their transactions/activities.
7. Adverts will not also show on the app of all ur staffs
8. If your into saving money daily (E.g Akawo)
You can set how much your paying daily.
And it would be deducted from your daily profit.
9: You can back-track your transaction records statistics/earnings on like free version users that can only track previous transactions from transaction history.
10: Stand a chance to win Gifts & Bonuses

Referral Benefits:

For every pos agent/downline you bring that upgrades their account to premium you’ll make 100 Naira.
If you refer 10 persons that’s 1,000 naira - level 1
If you withdraw in level one.
You will be paid using 100 naira per downline rate x times the amount of downtime you have.
Which means if you refer 5 persons that would be 100 naira x 5 which is 500 naira.
Level 2: Refer 100 persons you’ll get 10,000 naira with a 5,000 naira bonus - Total you’ll earn is 15,000 naira.
Level 3: Refer 1,000 persons you’ll make 100,000 naira plus a bonus of 100,000 naira - Total you’ll earn is 200,000 naira.

0-9 downlines - Level 0
10-99 downlines - Level 1
100-999 downlines - Level 2
1,000 downlines - Level 3 (Highest Level)

Share your referral code/id, and get your referral benefit when someone joins this application and upgrades their account to premium account. Even if they don't upgrade their account same day. Whenever they do your referral earning will be incremented.

You can only withdraw your referral earnings if your earnings/balance is up to 1,000 naira or more than 1,000 naira.

Withdrawals take 5 business working days. If it takes longer than 5 business working days which is 7 days. Only then you can contact us.

When trying to create a new staff you will be asked to select the branch/location where your new staff will be working, if you've already added a branch/location before & your new staff is going to be working in same branch then select the same branch name. Else you can input the new branch your new staff would be working.

Contact us

Emai: support@posrecord.com

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How it Works

The application let's users to be able to save records digitally, these are records which they normally save on papers. We've also added many features which would help the business owners to get a detailed statistics/breakdown on their daily transactions. Business owners can see how much cash is left by a staff at the close of work. And you can also see how much you've made for the day excluding pos terminal charges, staff salary, expenses, etc.

Features to Explore

  • 1: Save daily approved transactions
  • 2: Save daily expenses
  • 3: View and track previous transactions
  • 4: View daily earnings(Charges accumulated)
  • 5: View Actual profit Earn (Actual profit means your main profit after the charge collected through your pos terminal has been deductd)
  • 6: Track and manage your staffs. (Business owners can see how much cash is left from a staff at the close of work.)
  • 7: Refer pos agents and earn
  • 8: Get access to recent scams/fraud on board. (Security tips)
Referral Benefits: For every pos agent/downline you bring that upgrades their account to premium you’ll make 100 Naira.
If you refer 100 persons you'll make 10,000 naira + 5,000 naira bonus - level 2.
If you refer 1,000 persons you'll make 100,000 naira + 100,000 naira bonus level 3.



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